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November 12, 2019
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"Hi Steve, Although we have never spoken back when we were both at CIBC, I recognize your name and wanted to send you a quick email directly to compliment Stella Ioakimides abilities, skills, and knowledge of credit & mortgages. I will be in the market for a mortgage in the coming months, and had filled out an online form for mortgage rates from the Ryerson University Alumni website. Stella had contacted me the same day to discuss ALL details. As a former Financial Advisor with CIBC Imperial Service, I have a strong understanding of the ins & outs of mortgages and was extremely pleased to see how much knowledge and advice Stella was able to provide. What originally sparked my interest, was the “lower then bank” rates. However, the most comforting part of this whole experience thus far was that I spoke with an individual who truly knows her stuff. As a client, that’s something that I always look for. Getting a mortgage set up just right is exciting but it also entails a certain level of stress. I am very pleased with Stella’s ability to advise me properly. In addition to the above, I had a discussion with a very close friend who just bought a new-build condo and plans to use it as a rental property. Since she is in the market for a mortgage as well, I explained my personal experience with Stella and passed along her contact information. Steve, thanks for Stella. She’s awesome! With best regards, Matthew Conrad "
Mathew C
"Stella, Over the course of our 30 year marriage, Wanda and I have dealt with a number of credit institutions, for mortgages, loans, credit cards and lines of credit. I just wanted you to know, that out of all of those times, dealing with other financial people, you have been the most thoughtful, helpful and resourceful person we’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. You took the time out of your busy schedule to answer each and every question we had, every time we called you. You knew, with our circumstances, it was going to be challenging and you made it happen. You were very personable and treated us like family. I will never forget the awesome amount of understanding and perseverance you showed us. You are a credit to your industry. That being said, I consider you, not only an excellent Mortgage Broker, but a friend who we can rely on to get it done. Thank you so much for your hard work and effort in making our life a little better. We appreciate it so much! Your friends, Wanda and Terry Parks"
Wanda and Terry Parks
"Stella has been my mortgage broker for ten years. She has been my guide and guru, she has encouraged and inspired me through the many challenges of house buying. It is without hesitation that I recommend her. Dianne L "
Dianne L
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